Selvedge Run N° 06


16—18 January 2018


Kulturbrauerei Berlin

Schönhauser Allee 36
10435 Berlin / Germany


Kulturbrauerei Berlin

“a Brewery of Culture” and the new home of Selvedge Run

With this protected landmark structures Selvedge Run finds its new home in one of the most spectacular icons of industrial architecture in the German capital. Dating back to the 1850’s the home of Berlin’s most famous beer, „Schultheiss“, has been for a century the most influential cornerstone for the development of the surrounding district Prenzlauer Berg, and has largely influenced the working class culture that has defined Prenzlberg, as Berliners call it, for the best part of the 19th and 20th century.

Dominated by red bricks, cobble stones and black steel frames and structures, this ensemble of buildings stand as a strong testament for an architecture built to endure centuries; it has survived wars and the 20th century chaos in Berlin without losing its grace and its magnificence.


Completely renovated from 1998 to 2000, respecting the heritage of this unique structure and equipping it with state of the art technology, it today is the cultural hub for one of the most popular metropolitan neighborhoods in Europe, surrounded by a plethora of excellent restaurants, world class bars and quality shopping for its demanding citizens.

We are very proud to be in a building that symbolizes better than no other the claim of the brands we are providing a stage for: garments created to stand the test of time.