Selvedge Run N° 09


02—04 July 2019

Berlin ExpoCenter City

Eingang Süd/Jafféstraße
14055 Berlin / Germany

17. Dezember 2015 Selvedge Run invites East Harbour Surplus


Each season Selvedge Run invites a brand to exhibit at the show. This brand will represent the core value of the Selvedge Run, our very DNA. In January, we have the pleasure of welcoming East Harbour Surplus. They bring intrinsic understanding of the words craft, quality, style and durability combined with a curiosity for novelty.

Launched in 2008, the main concept of the brand is taken from the ‘50s and 60’s, a classic casual wear with a ‚dressy‘ look likely worn in a small port town on the east coast of the United States.

Rather than using tight-fitting measurements, East Harbour Surplus uses comfortable and natural lines that combines the ‘blue-collar workwear’ and a hint of military looks.

East Harbour 6

East Harbour 7

East Harbour 2 - Kopie

East Harbour 3

East Harbour 4 - Kopie