Selvedge Run N° 09


02—04 July 2019

Berlin ExpoCenter City

Eingang Süd/Jafféstraße
14055 Berlin / Germany


It may come as a surprise, but indigo is not just for denim. A brand that knows this intimately is Indigo People. The founders of the brand uncovered the rich traditions of indigo dyeing on a trip to Laos and Thailand. The craft that these weavers and dyers display is something beautiful to behold. Each item is unique in its own way due to the handcrafted nature of the piece and naturally it will fade and evolve with the wearer, jut like our beloved jeans. Indigo People recently discovered a very different method of dyeing and weaving native to Ghana. They compliment their core range with these beautiful pieces. The notion of bringing hand-crafted items from sustainable sources, while supporting a craft and way of life, is something that is dear to our hearts at the Selvedge Run. So we warmly welcome Indigo People to the fold.