Selvedge Run N° 09


02—04 July 2019

Berlin ExpoCenter City

Eingang Süd/Jafféstraße
14055 Berlin / Germany


In any true denim-head’s collection, it is almost assured you will find a pair of Iron Heart jeans. So, they don’t really need much of an introduction. Unless you have been living under a rock the last few years you will know them as producers of some of the finest denim, jeans, tops and accessories to come from Japan. The brand is close to Shane’s heart; it is a brand inspired by bikers and their needs on the road. Started by Shinichi Haraki in 2003, the brand grew from his love for motorcycles combined with his long history in the denim business. Haraki-san worked for Edwin for most of his 20 years in the industry prior to starting Iron Heart. His devotion, enthusiasm and love for denim saw him starting as a pattern cutter, then designer and onto producer and director of the company. Being for bikers (but not exclusively so) Iron Heart spent a great deal of time and effort designing their denim and it had to be heavy. Their signature 21oz longstaple cotton is woven into their world famous denim. This fame is not only its weight, but also the softness and the incredible fading possibilities. They push the boundaries of what is possible with their 25oz denim and tailor to other customers needs with lighter weight fabrics for their shirting and outerwear.